Grilling Cheese Assortment

Light up the grill and get to cooking! This collection features four cheeses perfect for grilling. Two of them can be put directly on the grill and will "melt" without changing shape. The other two will melt and are perfect for burgers, dogs, veggies and more. 

Sending a gift? Add our reusable Curd Cooler, perfect for taking cheese, drinks, or lunch on the go. The cooler features carry handles, front pocket, and a shoulder strap, size 9.5” x 9” x 6.5”. 

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Grilling Cheese Assortment
Grilling Cheese Assortment

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    We selected the following grilling cheeses:
    Bread Cheese - This cheese is much like pizza but without the sauce or crust. If you want to eat melty cheese with a knife and fork, this one is for you. Put it straight on the grill, or heat it in a skillet, oven, or microwave. (10 oz.).
    Halloumi - This cheese from Cyprus can be grilled but does not melt, so it won't slide through the grates. It stays solid and yet gets warm and tender. Totally yummy, it can be the center of a vegetarian meal or a wonderful appetizer.(8 oz.).
    Cotswold - Famous British cheese Double Gloucester is blended with chopped onions and chives for a super oniony flavor, great for melting. Think burgers and more! (8 oz.).
    Point Reyes Original Blue - a super creamy and bold blue cheese from California which belongs on top of burgers and steaks, or mixed into your salad (6 oz.).

    Contains 4-6 servings.

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