Spanish Tapas Kit

From a country of rugged terrain dotted with goats and sheep, we bring you some of Spain's most intriguing flavors. Spain has a tradition of sheep and goat milk cheeses and has become one of the world's favorite cheese producers. In addition to good flavor, Spanish culture has perfected the art of eating: snacking, socializing and the slow, relaxed enjoyment of a myriad of flavors.

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Spanish Tapas Kit
Spanish Tapas Kit

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    Our Spanish Tapas Kit Includes:

    Manchego 3 months old – (8 oz.) or 6 months old - This cheese is aged naturally, gradually forming its yellowish golden rind and an ivory colored cheese with a rich, buttery flavor.
    Rosey Goat Cheese – (6 oz.) A firm and mild goat's milk cheese, with a rind rubbed in rosemary leaves. Light, clean and herbaceous, this cheese is an easy-snacking delight. OR a beautiful Spanish goat cheese infused and soaked in red wine - Vino Cabra (6.5 oz.)
    Idiazabal Cheese - (6 oz.) A traditional Spanish cheese very similar to Idiazabal, made of sheep's milk and lightly smoked, with flavors of olive oil and butterscotch with and a hint of tangy acidity. Or Smokin Goat Cheese – A young smoked goat cheese that is made on the island of Fuerteventura, part of the Canary Islands of Spain. The Smokin Goat is made with this Majorero milk, which is naturally high in fat and protein and it gives the cheese a creamy, elastic texture. (8 oz.)
    Original Chorizo – or Picanto Chorizo (7.9 oz.) A highly seasoned pork sausage, which is then dried and cured. The vivid red color comes from the addition of pimenton, or smoked paprika, one of Spain's favorite seasonings. This one is not spicy, but very flavorful.
    Sliced Serrano Ham – (3 oz.) The classic thinly sliced cured ham. Savory and salty, this is Spain's version of Italian prosciutto. Or go for Sliced Salchichon (23 oz.) - A cured sausage spiced with pepper. One of the most characteristic features of salchichon is its intense and brilliant red color.
    Fig Cake with Almonds – (3 oz.) Two ingredients make up this beautiful addition to any table. Figs and almonds are pressed together into a cake shape. Or Fig Cake with Walnuts (3 oz.).
    Castelvetrano Olives – Pitted (4.4 oz.) or unpitted (5.3 oz.). A vivid green, buttery tasting olive.
    Valencia Almonds – (4 oz.) Spain's famous for its almonds. These Valancia almonds are roasted in sunflower oil and then sprinkled with fine herbs and sea salt or just salted. A plump, sweet but crunchy snack.
    PicaQuicos – (2.82 oz.) These jumbo crunchy corn kernels are rubbed with a blend of cayenne and smoked paprika. OR Salted Rostitos Giant Corn Kernels (2.82 oz.)- Naturally produced, giant corn kernels have been soaked in water and then toasted and salted.
    Original or Orange Fig Spread – (8.5 oz.) Fig spread is elevated to divinity with the addition of orange. This jam balances two delightful flavors to achieve the pinnacle of sweet accompaniment.
    Sea Salt Mediterranean Crackers – (5.5 oz.) Crispy and sturdy, these organic salted crackers are delicious alone, or perfect for scooping up other delicious eats. OR a variety with Garlic and Thyme.

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