In El Rosal, a small town about 35 minutes outside Bogota in Colombia, a small company, BUF Creamery is creating unique products. A range of truly gourmet cheeses made from buffalo milk, that received world-wide recognition.

BUF Creamery is the first and only Non-GMO certified creamery in the World and they are proud of it. In 2009 BUF built a factory, specifically designed to process buffalo milk.

Their buffalos enjoy their life in cloud-forest paradise, surrounded by the Andes mountains, rivers and lush grasses. It's BUF's goal to keep the buffalo in a natural, low stress environment and try to make the milking process as enjoyable as possible for them. The buffalos are showered and relax before heading to the milking station. Once at the parlor, the buffalos are only milked when their young are right next to them. These are some of the initiatives that psychologically stimulate the mother who then, releases her milk with the healthiest nutrients and finest flavor.

Health benefits of buffalo milk are: compared to cow's milk it has 11 percent more protein, 48 percent more calcium, 43 percent less cholesterol and is rich in omega-3 fats and no GMO, pesticides or growth hormones.

Let's not forget another important aspect of mozzarella made from buffalo milk - its deliciousness. The perfect cheese for a Caprese Salad, for a cheese platter, for your pizza, pasta, appetizer and many more.

BUF Mozzarella di Bufala is available in plain (Ovoline, egg-size), Basil infused (Ciliegine, cherry-size) and Hot Pepper Mozzarella (Ciliegine, cherry-size).