Daniele artisan cured meats and charcuterie brings the finest possible ingredients and flavor to your table, day in and day out. Borne out over generations of hard work and dedication, the Daniele story began when founders Stefano and Carolina Dukcevich arrived in Italy after having fled war torn Croatia. Working from their home kitchen, Carolina produced delicious pork sausages, and Vlado would deliver them around town to local restaurants and markets on his bicycle. Fast forward 75 years, and Daniele is one of the best known names in fine hams and charcuterie. Now located in the US, where the second generation, led by Vlado built the first Prosciutto plant in Rhode Island. Throughout Daniele's storied history, the family has continued their dedication to marrying state of the art technology with the brand's Old-Wrold heritage. You can taste the fantastic dry aging tradition in every piece of Daniele prociutto and salami.