Genius has set out to create a healthy fresh bread that is completely gluten-free, milk-free, non-GMO, and free from artificial ingredients and  preservatives. Their nutritional focus is gut health, which has been ranked the #1 overall trend in food and beverage for the last 2 years and is currently exploding, as gut health is linked to stronger immunity as well as many other benefits.

These incredible breads  and wraps bridge the gap between "tastes good" and "good for you".  Eliminating barriers that cause people to reduce bread intake (like gluten, sugar, and artificial preservatives) and adding functional health benefits that support a healthy immune system is the name of the game.  Genius' stated mission is to deliver products that make our customers feel their best so they can unleash their inner Genius, and with these incredibly tasty breads, buns and wraps they are knocking it out of the park!