Hummus Chick

Java, short for Javaneh, Hemmat was born to Persian parents in the oasis of United Arab Emirates, surrounded by desert dunes and date baring palm trees. Her world was shaped by vibrant cultures and unique cuisines from around the world. It was here where her passion for food and people came together. In 1998, Java moved to Nashville as an International university student and was welcomed with open arms.

As many immigrants Java missed foods from her childhood, and she fell in love with cooking and recreating food experiences that brought communities together. Her passion to cook for friends grew into a business that allowed her to share that love of food and flavors with others and voila, Hummus Chick was created.

Java rented a kitchen and she's been living her dream ever since. This Hummus Chick creates recipes influenced by nature and the Mediterranean culture and the more colorful the recipe, the happier she is.

'Feed your body and Nourish your soul.'