Salumi Italiani

We love salumi. Inspired by Italy's time-honored traditions and techniques, Salumi Italiani offer you the very best cured meats available. These meats are crafted and spiced to be the perfect pairing for cheese boards, sandwiches, pizzas, or as an anytime snack.

Salumi Italiani has one goal in mind, to bring you the freshest authentic cured meats. Salumi products are made in both the US and Italy and sliced fresh to order by dedicated team. We offer an assortment of charcuterie including classics like Calabrese and Milano, as well as Mortadella and everyone's favorite Prosciutto.

Beautifully crafted meats take time, and we are in no rush. Salumi cured meats will always be tender and robust with flavor, the result of a slow curing process.

Layer the charcuterie on an Italian inspired sandwich or swapping out that basic pepperoni for a spicy calabrese on you next pizza masterpiece. However you choose to incorporate Salumi Italiani, you can do it with confidence knowing that you chose one of the best.