Sweet Melissa's favorite! These cheeses rock, these cheeses have soul, and they're great with jam! If you don't get these references - 'Statesboro Blues' is a song that refers to the town of Statesboro, GA. Written by Blind Willie McTell in 1928, but the Allman Brothers made it truly famous in 1971 – their version is ranked the #9 on Rolling Stone’s list of 'Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time'.

So how do you make a cheese that lives up to this name? We start with high quality raw milk and age each wheel a minimum of 60 days real in limestone caves, allowing the cheese to mature in perfect conditions. The nuances created by using raw milk and a natural aging process give Statesboro Blues the bold piquant flavor profile that keeps bringing our consumers back for more.

Dress your steak or cover it honey – there are countless ways to enjoy Statesboro Blue! From salads to burgers, and every recipe in between, we promise our blue cheese is sure to be at the top of your charts!