Fromager d'Affinois Excellence Cheese

From Fromage d'Affinois, a French creamery famous for creamy decadent cheeses. This mini triple-cream wheel, called "Excellence", proves that good things come in small packages. 

Excellence is a triple-cream brie, made in a mini wheel for the utmost convenience. A very buttery interior is enveloped in a soft rind with a mushroomy flavor.

Delicate cheeses like this should be enjoyed shortly after eating. This small wheel is perfect for using whole on a cheese board, serving for dessert, or a casual cheese break for two.

More Information
Brand Name Excellence
Ingredients Cow's milk, cream, salt, cheese cultures, microbial enzymes.
Milk Source Cow
Cheese Form Wheel
Rennet Type Microbial
Rind Type Bloomy
Milk Treatment Pasteurized
Country France
Dietary & Lifestyle Vegetarian
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