Cypress Grove Midnight Moon Cheese

Aged six months or more, Midnight Moon Cheese is a blushing, ivory-colored goat cheese that’s nutty and brown buttery up front with a long caramel finish.


This artisanal cheese has a beautiful pale, ivory color, the texture is firm and dense and the taste is smooth with a slight graininess long-aged cheeses have. As the cheese ages, protein crystals form and lend a slight crunch to the otherwise dense and smooth cheese. Midnight Moon is a gouda-style goat milk cheese that many consider the "gateway goat cheese" because of its approachable and delicious flavor that is strikingly different from fresh chevre. The wheel is finished in a beautiful black wax that accentuates the pale paste.

More Information
Brand Name Cypress Grove
Ingredients Pasteurized cultured goat milk, salt and vegetarian rennet.
Milk Source Goat
Rennet Type Microbial
Rind Type Wax
Milk Treatment Pasteurized
Country Netherlands
Dietary & Lifestyle Vegetarian
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