Spotted Trotter Black Pepper Sorghum Sliced Salami

This is a sophisticated summer sausage that is made exclusively by The Spotted Trotter. Pork Based – “Summer Sausage” Salami - Pork, Garlic, Toasted Black Peppercorns, Sorghum Syrup.

This pork based Black Pepper Sorghum Salami is a sophisticated cured sausage that is made exclusively by Atlanta-based The Spotted Trotter. It has a developed sour flavor that pairs beautifully with cheeses of all types, and a sharp bite from the cracked black pepper. A delicious all around sausage that will be sure to please. Best served at room temperature, and pairs well with Fine Wine, Champagne, or Stout Beers.
More Information
Brand Name Spotted Trotter
Ingredients Pork, spices, salt, sorghum syrup, dextrose, sodium nitrate, starter culture.
Country United States
Dietary & Lifestyle Gluten Free
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