Beretta Prosciutto di Parma sliced

This Prosciutto di Parma, is made in the lush hills of the Val Parma of Italy at an altitude of 2,325 ft. Its unequaled aroma and velvety texture make this the king of all Prosciutti.

The the king of all Prosciutti, conveniently sliced and packed, around 8 slices at a time in a 4 oz. package. The secret of creating unparalleled quality prosciutto lies in the lush hills of the Val Parma at an altitude of 2,325 ft. Cool mountain air and 15 months curing puts this prosciutto in a class of its own. Beretta's Prosciutto is the authentic Prosciutto di Parma and is sliced in Parma under strict supervision of the Parma Ham Consortium.
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Brand Name Beretta
Ingredients Pork, salt.
Country Italy
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