Spotted Trotter Salami du Sud Sliced

Pork Based Southern Salami (With Pecan) - Medium Hard Salami – This is a Southern Salami with a Sophisticated Southern Draw showcasing the toasty nuttiness of Pecan and White Wine distinctively unique by its southern sourced ingredients.
Spotted Trotter Salami du Sud is an uncured pork salami sliced penny thick for convenience and ease. This salami has a well-developed flavor profile with sophisticated aroma and a beautiful, toasted buttery finish that pairs in tune to the toasted fennel seed and garlic. A perfect definition of New American Charcuterie. Jazz up your homemade white pizza with whole salami slices or julienne slice for smaller bits that will crisp while baking. This salami will complement most creamy soft ripened cheeses to the finest in aged gouda. Pair it will rich umber ales or delicate rose for a well-rounded experience.
More Information
Brand Name Spotted Trotter
Ingredients Pork, fennel, pecan powder, salt, white wine, dried oregano, celery juice powder (celery powder (natural flavor), sea salt, silicon dioxide (anti-caking), dried thyme, garlic, cherry juice powder (cherry powder (natural flavor), sea salt, silicon dioxide), peppers, dextrose.
Meat Type Pork
Country United States
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