Doux South Chow Chow

A Southern staple, Chow Chow is a relish made from a rough-chopped mixture of cabbage and other garden vegetables soaked in a sweet and tart brine. Doux South puts a spin on this Southern classic by showcasing crisp green cabbage and complementing it with sweet red peppers, celery seed, sweet onion, turmeric, and toasted chili flakes. The result is a simple yet flavorful topping that can take any dish to the next level.

Founded in 2013 by farm-to-table chef Nick Melvin, Doux South is an ideal destination for pickled vegetable lovers. Melvin, who has preserved food since childhood, created the business to showcase the tradition of Southern pickling and the creative ways to incorporate pickles into home cooking. Doux South merges the pinnacle of fresh produce with Melvin's artisanal brine recipes to manufacture its all-natural pickles and relishes. With persistent focus, each product is hand-packed to deliver exceptional pickled goods to restaurants, salad bars, and stores nationwide. As a company led by a culinary professional, Doux South takes great pride in its commitment to utilizing high-quality, clean ingredients in all its products.
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Brand Name Doux South
Ingredients Green cabbage, water, non-gmo distilled white vinegar, red bell peppers, cane sugar, yellow onion, garlic, turmeric, salt, mustard seed, chili flake, celery seed.
Country United States
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