Obando Mini Reganas Spanish Flatbread Pillows

With their unmistakable flavor, unmatched texture, and traditional artisan manufacturing techniques, these mini reganas have become the perfect complement for exclusive dishes giving them the touch of class.

These mini reganas are a unique snack that is based in centuries old tradition. Based on a traditional Andalucian flatbread called reganas, which were produced in large quantities to send along with Spanish sailors and troops on long journeys, these have a hearty texture and go great with soups and stews, or are great for snacking and dipping. This spin on the traditional flatbread, which is a large flat sheet, these Mini Reganas take that same flat dough but form it into delightful little pillows that are a joy to crunch. You won’t be able to stop eating these miniature delights that will impress you with their potent flavor, as well as for the mastery of their airy, toasty crunch.
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Brand Name Obando
Ingredients Wheat flour, water, sourdough, salt, sesame, yeast.
Country Spain
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