Pastry 1 Almond Paste Almondas Catania 50%

Almond paste made from raw blanched almonds has a light tan color. Using toasted almonds give the almond paste a slightly deeper flavor and darker color. Almond paste made of almonds with their skins on is the darkest and most intense in flavor.
Almond Paste Almondas 50% Raw is soft and similar to a spread. Unlike marzipan, almond paste has slightly coarse texture. Unlimited applications can be used in items such as baked goods- petit-fours, cakes, macarons, and biscuits. Making it a core ingredient for your kitchen; best quality due to raw state; should be used primarily for items that will be baked.
More Information
Brand Name Pastry 1
Ingredients Almonds (50%), Sugar, Stabiliser Glycerol E422,Dextrose, Stabiliser Sorbitol E420i.
Country Belgium
Unit Size 1/2.2 LB
Dietary & Lifestyle GMO Free, Vegan
2.2 pounds
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