2s Company

2s Company is an Australian based producer with a wide variety of crisps, seeded flatbreads, and wafer crackers. Their small-batch, artisan wafer crackers are made with wheat flour and cheese powder for a neutral, savory flavor that's perfect with any kind of cheese. Their thin crispy texture is ideal for soft, smearable cheeses like Brie, Camembert, fresh goat cheese or blues and works equally well with mousse pate and cheese dips or spreads.

The delicious specialty crisps are crafted in small batches by bakers to ensure the best flavor and deliver a consistent crisp texture. Perfect for a convenient snack, they wonderful complement an array of cheeses, dips and other condiments.

2s company also offers an exciting assortment of gluten free items as well. From crispy and toasted flatbreads to the one of a kind crunch of their rice crackers, you can enjoy all the snacking without the gluten. Both the flatbreads and rice crackers pair wonderfully with fresh and goat cheeses.