Boulangerie 255

With a recipe that dates back to the Middle Ages, brioche is a crowd favorite and one of the most popular breads among consumers. There is good reason for this. Brioche is a butter and egg heavy bread with a dense yet soft texture and semi-sweet flavor profile. In the creation of this line of brioche products, Boulangerie 255 worked closely with bakers to perfect the recipe and ensure that every bun or loaf bought was made with the most care and highest quality ingredients.

Boulangerie 255 offers a classic sliced loaf, ideal for sandwiches and rich, sweet French toast, as well as a variety of conventional bun items. Whether preparing mouthwatering burgers and sliders, or grilling up some franks, consider using these brioche buns to add an extra depth and touch of sweetness to your flavor experience.

Boulangerie 255 also offers 2 varieties of authentic Belgian Liege waffles. Liege waffles are made using a thicker batter that is similar to a cake. In addition, the, pearl sugar is mixed in to create a sweet and delicious crunch in every bite. A quick pop in the toaster and you will have yourself a warm sweet treat that can be eaten on its own or topped with ice cream for dessert.

All Boulangerie 255 items are ready to eat and require no additional baking, although serving them warm is highly recommended.