Brimstone Originals

In December 2001, Eileen O’Hara shared her Habanero Pepper Jelly with family and friends. In June 2002, motivated by enthusiasm for her flavorful hot jelly, Eileen and her family named their fledgling company Brimstone Originals. That same month, they took Mason jars of the Habanero Pepper Jelly to a local pepper festival in Clearwater, Florida. Despite monsoon-like weather the entire weekend, diehard “pepper heads” couldn’t get enough of Eileen’s extraordinarily hot jelly. 

Over the next few years popularity and sales grew, along with thier product lineup, and the Brimstone name was on it's way to becoming a household name. Eileen and her husband Rick travelled to countless food shows around the country to spread the word and sample their incredible jellies. 

Brimstone Originals humble and whirlwind beginnings of cooking frenzies in a leased kitchen and weekends traveling from place to place have evolved into a streamlined operation, while keeping their family owned values in place. Eileen still handles the day-to-day administrative functions while exploring more flavors of Pepper Jelly. Mango Habanero is in the works and promises to live up to the Company’s motto: Extraordinary Flavor! Endless Uses!