Idyll Farms

Idyll Farms

Idyll Farms is an award winning dairy in northern Michigan, where their goats graze about 200 acres of Leelanau Peninsula lush grasses, trees, leaves, brush and wildflowers. Blessed with abundant snow and rain and proximity to Lake Michigan, which creates rich, fertile soil and pastures.

Using old world techniques and recipes Idyll Farms starts the production process with fresh milk from their goats daily, using natural enzymes, bacteria , and cultures. The cheeses are then gently hand ladled into molds so as to not disturb the fat molecules, allowing them to coalesce into award-winning cheeses.

In the final part of the cheese making process, each cheese is flipped, washed and cared for in state-of-the art cheese affinage caves until they are perfectly aged. Great Lakes Pastures. Great Goat Cheese.

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