Will Studd

Will Studd selected cheese:
The philosophy behind this special selection of cheeses is simple – the finest provenance, texture, aroma, and flavor. Will and his children Ellie and Sam are dedicated to celebrating traditional artisan cheesemaking methods, and the ‘Selected by Will Studd’ symbol is a guarantee of quality and excellence.

Who is Will?
Will Studd has been working with cheese for over five decades. Recognized as an international master of cheese, he is the author of two award-winning cheese books, and the executive producer of the unique television show Cheese Slices. Will has filmed hundreds of farmstead artisan cheesemakers in over 25 countries in his quest to seek out the world’s most delicious and fascinating cheese.

The 'Selected by Will Studd' symbol displayed on each of their products is a guarantee of quality and excellence. We are proud to partner with the Studds to help bring these incredible cheeses to you.