Bring on the Heat

We know that some like it hot! This assortment contains a few spicy hot items that you can use for a pasta dish, a salad, your barbecue, a sandwich, a pizza or just a snack after dinner or during the day.

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Bring on the Heat
Bring on the Heat

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    This spicy hot items in the assortment are:

    Mike's Hot Honey - made with wildflower honey harvested from hives in New York and New Jersey with added chilies and vinegar. This flavor combination made the honey popular with pizza lovers. Or Mike's Extra Hot Honey
    Rattlesnake Cheddar Cheese - a smooth, creamy medium aged Cheddar is infused with premium gold tequila and Habanero peppers. Slightly too hot? Try Red Dragon Cheese; a buttery and spicy cheese with plenty of bite, but is not too hot.
    Big John's Cajun Cheese - a spicy hand-rubbed cheese that packs a heated punch as you near the rind. Cayenne pepper is part of the rub. Or try Chile Chego Cheese; a Spanish cheese made from cow, sheep, and goat’s milk that is infused with red chili.
    Queso-Melt Jalapeno Cheese - a Mexican-style melting cheese and this Jalapeno version has pieces of the hot pepper. This spicy melting cheese will do wonders if you like your dip, nachos, tacos, and quesadillas hot. Or the Queso-Melt Jalapeno Cheese Dip.
    Hot Pepper Bacon Jam - a combination of roasted red pepper puree, jalapeno peppers and real bacon to create an addictive jam. Or the Hot Pepper Berry Bacon Jam with added sweet raspberries and strawberries.

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