Jacobs & Brichford Ameribella Cheese

An exquisite example of American cheesemaking at its finest. Taleggio lovers will find this grass-fed, raw milk, version from Indiana giving Italians a run for their money. 

At first glance the sticky, pink rind indicates that funky, creamy flavors await. Slice inside to reveal a naturally yellow interior - proof of the grass-fed quality of the milk. Soft, buttery, salty, and a little stinky, Ameribella is comparable to Taleggio, or other mild washed rind cheeses. The texture is extremely smooth and silky, whether served at room temperature, or melted onto your favorite cheesy dish. This cheese is extremely good, a demonstration of all the care this American cheesemaker puts into their work, from land, to animals, to milk, to cheese. Jacobs and Brichford is located in Southeastern Indiana, on a farm that’s been in the family since 1819. Their small batch, grass-fed, raw milk, farmstead cheeses are frequent award-winners and beloved by the American cheese community.
More Information
Brand Name Jacobs & Brichford
Milk Source Cow
Rennet Type Vegetable
Rind Type Washed
Milk Treatment Raw
Country United States
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