Will Studd Aphrodite Kefalotyri Saganaki Cheese

Kefalotyri is the oldest traditional hard cheese made in Greece. Will Studd has selected this authentic handmade example from the Epirus region in northwestern Greece produced from a combination of both sheep and goat milk. Grilled & served with a squeeze of lemon. 

Aphrodite Kefalotyri is the traditional Greek cheese used for the famous fried dish, Saganaki (meaning 'little frying pan').

Handmade in north-western Greece for Will Studd, it’s the unique combination of pure sheep and goat's milk that makes this ancient hard Greek cheese such a sensational treat.

Moisten slices with a little water and dredge lightly in flour before gently frying in a little olive oil. You'll know it's ready to serve when the center begins to melt and ooze beneath a crispy brown crust. This authentic Greek version of Halloumi is also a versatile cooking cheese and tastes wonderful grated and melted on top of pasta, mac & cheese, and savory pies. It’s ideal for grill season in a salad or burger, and a fantastic vegetarian option for any backyard barbecue.

More Information
Brand Name Will Studd
Ingredients Pasteurized sheep and goat's milk, sea salt, culture, animal rennet.
Milk Source Goat, Sheep
Rennet Type Animal
Rind Type N/A
Milk Treatment Pasteurized
Country Greece
Dietary & Lifestyle GMO Free
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