Wijngaard Le Guillotin Cheese Slicer

Le Guillotin is made to cut thin slices of cheese. By cutting thin slices, you can optimally experience the taste, smell and texture of the cheese.

This cheese slicer/cheese cutter is totally different from what you have seen before and it has a name that you don't easily forget: 'Le Guillotin'. The Wijngaard family that produces the fantastic Reypenaer and Reypenaer VSOP developed this tool which enables you to cut thin slices perfectly. The Le Guillotin comes with a cutting board and a knife that has a sharp blade. The end of the knife locks into a special clamp in the corner of the board to provide leverage so that thin slices can be cut through the rind. The Le Guillotin allows you to cut beautiful and consistently thin slices. It is said that for aged goudas, the thinner the better for the flavor and both Reypenaer and Reypenaer VSOP deserves to be savored slowly, slice by slice.
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Brand Name Reypenaer
Country Netherlands
Unit Size 1/1 CT
1 piece
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