Royal Hollandia Leyden Cheese

Royal Hollandia’s Leyden is a classic Dutch cheese spiced with cumin. The cumin seeds give the creamy cheese a pleasant, slightly spicy taste that elevates cheeseboards beyond the expected. Pair it with pickled vegetables, smoked meat, Shiraz and Dark Lager.
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Leyden cheese (Leidsekaas in Dutch) is a Dutch gourmet cheese, name after the University City of Leyden (Leiden in Dutch). One of the essential and most important Dutch cheeses, this is one for a spice lover. The smattering of cumin seeds is the real star here. This addition gives the cheese a distinctive dry, tangy and spicy flavor - totally unique.

Made from pasteurized skimmed cow's milk, Leyden is similar to Gouda in shape (round and flat), but with a lower fat percentage as it's made from skimmed milk. Leyden is a very old and very popular cheese in Holland and can be found in various ages from very young to very old. Our Leyden cheese is of medium-age, flavor and body.

The red wax-coated Leyden is a perfect addition to any cheese platter. Pair it with an ice-cold beer or a glass of milk, like the Dutch would do, and serve on a dark whole grain sandwich.

More Information
Brand Name Royal Hollandia
Ingredients Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, starter culture, rennet, cumin, beta-carotene (color). Contains: MILK.
Milk Source Cow
Rennet Type Animal
Milk Treatment Pasteurized
Country Netherlands
Dietary & Lifestyle GMO Free, Gluten Free
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