Laclare Creamery Raw Goat Milk Cheddar Cheese

Raw goat milk adds depth of flavor to this sweet, fruity cheddar. As the cheese ages, it becomes rich, nutty and increasingly complexwith a creamy body.

The most common type of goat cheese in the U.S. is the fresh stuff called chevre, soft white and tangy. But indeed goat’s milk can be turned into almost any style of cheese, including cheddar. This raw milk cheddar is made at LaClare Family Creamery, a cheese producer focused exclusively on using goat milk that’s local to the farm. This goat cheddar is very mild, with very little indication that it’s made from goat milk. The lack of goaty flavor suggests high quality fresh milk and careful production standards.

This cheddar can be used in the place of any other. Also a good choice for lactose intolerant cheese eaters as goat milk cheese is typically easier to digest. Great for both cheese boards or cooking applications, this is a versatile mild cheddar.

More Information
Brand Name Laclare Farms
Ingredients Whole raw goat's milk, salt, cheese cultures, enzymes. Contains: MILK.
Milk Source Goat
Rennet Type Animal
Rind Type N/A
Milk Treatment Raw
Country United States
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