Gouda Cheese Quartet

It amazes us over and over again, that not all Gouda cheeses are alike, even though they are in essence the same cheese. They may all be made in the same way, but terroir of ingredients and aging may products an end product that varies greatly.

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Gouda Cheese Quartet
Gouda Cheese Quartet

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    Our Gouda Cheese Quartet is an example of 4 different manufacturers producing a gouda cheese and yet they are very different in texture, flavor and aroma.

    Prima Donna Cheese (8 oz. or 1 lb.) - A Gouda cheese with an Italian temperament, that sounds intriguing.
    Old Amsterdam (8 oz.)- an aged gouda, matured until the Dutch cheesemakers feel ready to release it. They're so in-tune with the wheels of cheese that they can tell when each wheel has reached the ideal flavor and texture. OR 7 oz. of Old Rotterdam - a unique cheese that finds its origin in the low-lying fields of North Holland, where cows graze in areas that were once the domain of the sea.
    Van Kaas Gouda Cheese (7 oz.) - a smooth and semi-soft texture and an approachable mild flavor that makes it ideal for melting or snacking. OR a 6 oz. of Van Kaas Special Reserve Extra Aged Gouda Cheese, aged 18 months.
    Reypenaer Cheese - or Reypenaer VSOP Cheese - the best gouda's the Dutch ever made. 1 year old, or 2 years old (VSOP).

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