John Wm Macy's Dijon Swiss Cheesesticks

These irresistable Cheesesticks from John W. M. Macy are a tasty snack with the perfect crunch. Made by hand in New Jersey, Macy's Cheesesticks have been a favorite since they began production in 1985! Flavored with Swiss Cheese and a hint of sweet and slightly spicy Dijon mustard, these cheesesticks are sure to please. 


John W.M. Macy started making his famous cheesesticks in California in 1976, where they quickly gained popularity and flew out of his stall at festivals and county fairs. Fast forward four decades and John W.M. Macy Cheesesticks are a name brand recognized for having the best, crunchiest and most flavorful cheesesticks out on the market today. Using John's original recipe, which is "Twice Baked for the Perfect Crunch!" With the perfect combination of slightly spicy and sweet Dijon mustard and sharp Swiss cheese, these golden brown cheesesticks will be the hit of the party!

More Information
Brand Name John Wm Macy's
Ingredients Unbleached flour, swiss cheese, unsalted butter, grained dijon mustard, salt, yeast, sugar, rosemary extract.
Country United States
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