Torres Selecta Mediterranean Herbs Potato Chips

Take your snacking to new heights with Torres' Mediterranean-inspired chips, carefully infused with the irresistible flavor of aromatic herbs. Made with high-quality potatoes and fried using sunflower oil, these chips are an explosion of flavor, whisking you away to the sun-kissed shores and fragrant herb gardens of the Mediterranean.

Gourmet potato chips manufactured par TORRES: Hand stirred and kettle fried premium potato chips with Mediterranean Herbs. We fry our chips using the best quality potatoes, with the use of sunflower oil, obtaining super crunchy and golden snacks with unique, sophisticated flavour and smell. Perfect for the most demanding palates and consumers seeking for a unique gourmet experience. Our company’s philosophy is based upon passion for the quality of our raw materials, in caring for and respecting the crops, and sustainable development that guarantees an artisan product with a unique personality in the gastronomy world. All along the production process, our commitment to quality is unwavering and crosscutting in all our ranges. We carefully select the finest raw materials and ingredients in the market to offer a natural product with a unique flavour and texture, and without preservatives or additives. The Chips are made from just 2 varieties, in order grant their best quality. The certified first-year seeds are selected and delivered to our farmers. And our staff controls the crops. When frying the chips in SUNFLOWER OIL, we use 100% sunflower oil of the best quality. And when frying in EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL, we guarantee that it is which is the result of a selection of different varieties, and that it comes directly from the oil mill in the South of Spain. We don’t add sugar, food stabilizers to extend the oil lifespan, lactose, nor any other product to boost our production. Our main ingredients are the traditional raw materials: potatoes, oil and salt – nothing else. Since oil oxidation during the frying process of any type of chips affects directly the quality of the final product, we daily control two measures of oil oxidation of the oil we are using, Polar Compounds and the Acid Value. In addition, we have implemented internal criteria by which oil must be changed more frequently than the average, which results in a better taste and a unique GOLDEN COLOUR. Unlike the huge frying trains used by most producers in which temperature is constant and very high (180º Celsius producing 8000Kg/hour with a lower product’s quality), our own frying process is the traditional KETTLE HANDCOOKED procedure, frying 100kg/hour. It has been designed to work in cycles (batches) allowing us to make our chips in a low-temperature cooking process, which results in a lower level of acrylamide - thus, becoming healthier, despite an increased cost. The temperature variations during our cooking process lead the final product to be EXTRA CRUNCHY. The whole production process has been independently certified in terms of quality control.
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Brand Name Torres Selecta
Ingredients Potatoes, sunflower oil, aromatic herbs (1,46%) (rosemary, thyme, oregano) and salt.
Country Spain
Dietary & Lifestyle GMO Free, Gluten Free
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