Torres Selecta Mediterranean Herbs Potato Chips

Take your snacking to new heights with Torres' Mediterranean-inspired chips, carefully infused with the irresistible flavor of aromatic herbs. Made with high-quality potatoes and fried using sunflower oil, these chips are an explosion of flavor, whisking you away to the sun-kissed shores and fragrant herb gardens of the Mediterranean.

Manuel Torres and Ángeles Medel introduced Torres, a go-to brand for potato chips and gourmet snacks, in 1969. Since its start, Torres has used top-of-the-line raw ingredients in its artisanal products. Their Mediterranean Herbs Potato Chips begin with three key elements: potatoes, oil, and salt. By focusing on sourcing high-quality raw materials, Torres crafts all-natural potato chips without any added sugars, food stabilizers, lactose, or production boosters. The Mediterranean Herbs Potato Chips are kettle-cooked with sunflower oil to achieve a superior crunch.
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Brand Name Torres Selecta
Ingredients Potatoes, sunflower oil, aromatic herbs (1,46%) (rosemary, thyme, oregano) and salt.
Country Spain
Dietary & Lifestyle GMO Free, Gluten Free
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