Nielsen-Massey Pure Almond Extract

Nielsen-Massey Vanillas Inc. Pure Almond Extract. Made with the purest oil of bitter almond to deliver optimal results in flavor and quality.

Nielsen-Massey is known for their vanilla beans and extracts, but they also have a few other extracts, like this Pure Almond Extract. This is a rather familiar flavor that blends well with vanilla, chocolate, caramel, apples, coconut, cherries, cream, strawberries, raisins and more. Use Pure Almond Extract to add the warm, mellow, nutty flavor of almonds to baked good favorites such as pies and pastries. Each bottle contains 18 fl. oz.
More Information
Brand Name Nielsen-Massey
Ingredients Ethyl Alcohol (65%), Water, Oil of Bitter Almond
Country United States
Unit Size 1/18 OZ
Dietary & Lifestyle GMO Free, Gluten Free, Kosher, Vegan
18 fluid ounces
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