Culinary Masters Raw Whole Shelled Pistachios Grade A

Pistachios, once peeled show their most distinguishable characteristic - their green color and unique shape. Eat a pistachio and you will experience a sweet, nutty and fruity flavor. Also great for snacking as they are not only flavorful, they are also high in antioxidants and a good source of protein, fats and minerals.This bag of 6 pounds.

Whole Grade A California Pistachios, Shelled. This bulk 6lb. foodservice pack is perfect for baking or recipes calling for the finest Pistachios. Or, great for snacking! Just seal in an airtight bag and keep them in your pantry at home. When you're looking for the best, Grade A, USA grown Pistachios, these are the perfect match.
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Brand Name Culinary Master
Ingredients Pistachios
Country United States
Unit Size 1/6 LB
6 pounds
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