Pates and Terrines

The best Pates and Terrines for your next event. Shop online at!

  1. Pate Calves Liver - All Natural
    Calves Liver Pate
    As low as $7.98
  2. Alexian Duck and Pork Liver Mousse Pate with Cognac
    Duck Liver and Pork Mousse with Cognac
    As low as $10.98
  3. Golden Metal Pate
    Gold Medal Pate
    As low as $6.98
  4. Three Pigs Sliced Mousse De Foie De Canard With Porto
    Mousse De Foie De Canard With Porto
    As low as $9.98
  5. Alexian Pate De Campagne
    Pate de Campagne
    As low as $8.98
  6. Schaller & Webe Pate With Goose - All Natural
    Pate with Goose
    As low as $6.98
  7. Alexian Pheasant Duck Pate with Rosemary
    Pheasant & Rosemary Pate
    As low as $9.98
  8. Three Pigs Rillettes De Canard
    Rillettes de Canard
    As low as $19.98
  9. Alexian Truffle Mousse Pate
    Truffle Mousse
    As low as $10.98
  10. Alexian Forest Mushrooms Pate
    Wild Forest Mushroom Pate
    As low as $8.98