Honey and Sweets

Honey and other sweet treats make the perfect accompaniment for your cheeses boards, whether it's for an afternoon snack, or a put together cheese board! Find the best accompaniments for your cheeses here at GourmetDash.com!

  1. Mitica Acacia Honey
    Acacia Honey
    As low as $8.98
  2. Savannah Bee Acacia Honeycomb Mini Retail Square
    Acacia Honeycomb
    As low as $12.98 Regular Price $14.98
  3. Bella Maria Caramelized Pecans
    Caramelized Pecans
    As low as $6.98
  4. Bella Maria Caramelized Walnuts
    Caramelized Walnuts
    As low as $6.98
  5. ChocoHigos
    As low as $7.98 Regular Price $9.98
  6. Coriander Honey
    Coriander Honey
    As low as $8.98
  7. Mitica Migos (Pajarero Figs)
    Migos Pajarero Figs
    As low as $8.98
  8. Savannah Bee Orange Blossom Honey
    Orange Blossom Honey
    As low as $7.98
  9. Mitica Orange Delights
    Orange Delights
    As low as $9.98
  10. Savannah Bee Original Whipped Honey
    Original Whipped Honey
    As low as $7.98
  11. Bella Maria Perlas De Chocolate
    Perlas de Chocolate
    As low as $6.98
  12. Orange Blossom
    Spanish Orange Blossom Honey
    As low as $8.98
  13. Sunflower Honey
    Sunflower Honey
    As low as $8.98
  14. Savannah Bee Whipped Honey With Cinnamon
    Whipped Honey with Cinnamon
    As low as $7.98
  15. Savannah Bee Whipped Honey With Lemon
    Whipped Honey with Lemon
    As low as $7.98
  16. Mitica Wild Lavender Honey
    Wild Lavender Honey
    As low as $8.98