Mitica Migos Pajarero Figs

Pajarero figs from Valencia, Spain have thin, delicate skin, soft, sweet and juicer than most varieties.

The Pajarero fig is grown in Spain and is one of the finest varieties. These dried delicacies are sweet and mild, with a tender bite. They are an integral part of Spanish cuisine, the Pajarero fig is smaller and sweeter than its cousin from Turkey. Its thin, delicate skin allows the flavor of the fig to shine through. At the end of August, the Pajarero starts to fall from the tree, signaling they are ripe and ready. The figs are carefully selected, harvested, and dried. While they work well on a cheese board or paired with fresh fruit and nuts, they are tempting enough to eat as dessert.
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Brand Name Mitica
Ingredients Dried Pajarero figs.
Country Spain
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