American Blue Cheese Board

This collection features four American-made blues, made by talented cheesemakers. Perfect for a side-by-side comparison, fun with pairing, or as the perfect gift for any blue cheese lover: these rival some of the world's best blues. 

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American Blue Cheese Board
American Blue Cheese Board

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    Explore the breadth and depth of the American blue cheese offerings. This collection includes:

    Maytag Blue Cheese (4 oz.)- with a dense, crumbly texture and semi-sharp lemony finish, every bite of Maytag melts in the mouth. This American classic is perfect for any blue cheese need, cooking or eating. An alternative option is Great Hill Blue - this 8 oz. wedge is tart, tangy, and robust, without being too strong.
    Bay Blue Cheese (5 oz.) - an award winning Californian blue cheese made from cow's milk. A medium-strength sweeter blue with a salted caramel finish, great for beginners. The other option is Original Blue (6 oz.) from the same cheesemaker. The "Original" is a raw milk blue with a creamy texture and classic sharp blue flavor.
    Bayley Hazen Blue (8 oz.) - a Vermont-made blue cheese from the famed Jasper Hill Farm and Cellars, it has a dense fudge-like texture and a well-balanced earthy flavor of grass and umami. The other option is Buttermilk Blue (4 oz.), a Wisconsin favorite that tastes like the tangy richness of buttermilk. It has a creamy texture and a very approachable flavor.
    Smokey Blue Cheese (8 oz.) - a perfect combination of blue cheese and smoke, it has a sweet flavor of caramel and hazelnuts that mellows the sharpness of the blue cheese. This Oregon-made award winning cheese is cold smoked for 16 hours with hazelnut shells and cave aged a minimum of 6 months, resulting in a delicious and interesting blue cheese. If you don't like smoked cheese, select the Caveman Blue Cheese, also a Rogue Creamery winner made from luscious cow milk and blue cultures. The result is a golden-hued cheese that tastes of sweet, fresh buttermilk with hints of tropical fruit, grass and hay.

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