Cabot Cheddar Assortment

Vermont's Cabot Cheddar is well-known when it comes to receiving awards, nationally and internationally. Cabot is a dairy cooperative dedicated to creating world-class cheddars while supporting the hard-pressed independent farmers who supply their milk. This collection includes five cheeses and a box of crackers. 

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Cabot Cheddar Assortment
Cabot Cheddar Assortment

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    The Cabot Cheddar Assortment includes:

    Everything Bagel Cheddar: A classic Cabot cheddar cheese with a hand-rubbed mix of the flavors of an everything bagel (8 oz.).
    Extra Sharp Cheddar: lactose-free cheddar boasts both brightness and subtlety with citrus notes and a hint of bergamot. Its ever-so-crumbly texture has a rich creaminess that gets even better at room temperature (8 oz.).
    Hot Buffalo Wing Cheddar: salty, tangy, spicy goodness; this bar of cheese is rubbed with rubbed with chilies, garlic, onions, and sweet cream.
    Tuscan Cheddar: a hand-rubbed coating of healthy, tasty Tuscan herbs. The herbs are not on the inside, they're on the outside, giving the cheddar a very nice appearance (8 oz.).
    Clothbound Cheddar: Aging a cheddar in cloth allows the cheese to exchange air with its environment, and lose moisture, therefore concentrating and enhancing the flavors of the cheese. This slower, more labor-intensive method results in fabulous complexity and satisfying depth of flavor.
    We've added a box of flavorful 34 Degrees Wholegrain Crisps, all natural, thin and crisps to complete this box.

    Contains 4-6 servings

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