Formaticum Cheese Paper with Labels

Professional grade two-ply cheese wrapping paper for extending the life and flavor of your cheese.  The size of each sheet is 11x14 inches and the box include labels for keeping precious cuts organized. Each box contains 15 sheets of cheese paper and 15 labels.

Cheese is a particularly finicky thing. It needs to breathe to keep mold and bacteria in balance. Too much breathing and cheese dries out. The proper environment can extend the good flavor of cheese for weeks or longer. For foodies who want to take excellent care of their cheese, professional cheese paper is here to save the day. This paper by Formaticum is designed to keep cheese fresh and delicious. The 2-ply design simulates the cave environment, allowing cheese to stay both moist and appropriately dry. Each package contains 15 sheets of 11x14 inches and 15 adhesive labels.
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Brand Name Formaticum
Country United States
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