Seafood Lovers Assortment

Sample the best seafood Spain has to offer- The perfect gift for the seafood lover in your life. 

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Seafood Lovers Assortment
Seafood Lovers Assortment

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    Sample the best seafood Spain has to offer- The perfect gift for the seafood lover in your life. This assortment contains one package of each:

    White Tuna in Olive Oil - Tuna from the crisp waters of the Cantabrian Sea is known as Bonito del Norte (literally 'Northern Beauty'). Fished in season using traditional methods and cooked immediately, this meaty loin is packed in olive oil to seal in flavor and heart-healthy nutrients so you can enjoy it any time.
    Galician Style Mussels - Crafted by true artisans of Galicia, these mussels are prepared using only the most pristine, plump shellfish and cooked in small batches to maintain their flavor. Served in the traditional style of Galicia with a simple sauce of olive oil, red pepper, onion and tomato, this is one of chef Jose Andres and his family's favorite treats.
    Anchovies in Olive Oil - Top grade anchovies from the Bay of Biscay that lies along the western coast of France and the northern coast of Spain. These anchovies fillets are smooth and have a firm textured with a rich almost buttery taste. Ortiz cures them in rock salt for 6 months before being knife-trimmed and filleted by hand.
    Cockles - A hidden treasure of Spanish gastronomy and one of chef Jose Andres' favorite tapas, these Cockles are small saltwater clams are harvested in the sandy estuaries along the cost of Galicia. Known for it's incredible fishing industry, the cool climate of the region makes it world renowned for perfect seafood. Naturally prepared in saltwater and simply steamed, these tender cockles are the ultimate flavor of the sea and they couldn't be easier to serve and share.

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