Boska Soft Cheese Knife Copenhagen

You can cut soft cheeses with a stylish flair with the Soft Cheese Knife Copenhagen. The Swiss cheese holes in the blade keep the cheese from sticking.

Are you crazy about cheese, especially the softer ones? Then this Dutch cheese knife is an essential tool for you. It provides the perfect solution for cutting soft and semi-hard cheese. The holes in the blade and the non-stick coating and the quilted pattern prevent the cheese from sticking to the blade. Truth be told, this knife is also extra sharp, as it has been sharpened on both sides, which lets the knife cut through tougher rinds. All of this combined makes serving soft and semi-hard cheeses a piece of cake. This stainless steel knife is hollow, which makes it very light and it lies comfortably in your hand. A well constructed Boska product; this knife is dishwasher safe.
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Brand Name Boska
Ingredients Stainless steel.
Country China
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