Whole Grain Collection

Gourmet food is way more than just about cream, fat, and cheese, rare to find. Gourmet food can also be wholesome, healthy, filling, and nutritious and this Whole Grain Collection will prove that.

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Whole Grain Collection
Whole Grain Collection

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    Our Whole Grain Collection offers:

    Whole Grain Tandoori Naan - an authentic, hand-stretched naan, made with stone ground, whole grain flour.
    Or select the Original Tandoori Naan.
    Steel cut oats - also called Irish or Scottish oats. They are relatively versatile as they can be used in so many recipes such as breads, pancakes, cookies and meatballs and of course for your healthy breakfast. Try the Gluten Free Quinoa instead - a popular whole grain as well.
    Multigrain Flax Mediterranean Crackers - an ideal cracker; crunchy, nutty, great to scoop with, wonderful to pair with.
    Or the Everything Mediterranean Crackers version, not whole grain, but whole everything.
    Farro - an ancient grain that grows in grows in the central and northern Italy, like Umbria, and Tuscany and is popular in gourmet restaurants, vegetarian and Italian cuisine. InHarvest's Whole Grain 5 Blend is another grain that requires cooking.
    Whole Grain Crisps - These crisps are so convenient, it is deliciously thin, but flavorful and nutritious at the same time.
    Whole Wheat Mini Toast - tiny one-bite toasts are perfect for serving a variety of gourmet cheese, pate, salami and other delicacies.
    Or the traditional French Mini Toast.
    Original Sin Mustard - It is a grainy, spicy deli mustard, made from both brown and yellow mustard seeds, it has a serious kick like horseradish. Or a kick with some sweetness Into Temptation Honey Mustard.

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