Effies Homemade

The first bite of an Effie's biscuit is a moment of pure delight. Lightly sweet with a bright finish of salt, they're more refined than a cookie, more dynamic than a cracker. Effie's biscuits taste like homemade.

It all began with an Oatcake back in Nova Scotia, where the original biscuit was known as an oatcake. Effie MacLellan learned a generations-old, family farmhouse recipe that she carried to her new home in Dorchester, Massachusetts. Oatcakes were a staple in Effie's pantry, always on hand should friends or family drop by. Whenever she was baking, word spread quickly, and soon the neighborhood kids would come running for oatcakes, still warm, carefully wrapped in a napkin and ready for sharing.

Luckily for all of us, the story didn't end there. Effie's daughter, Joan, and her longtime friend, Irene, knew these oatcakes were too exceptional to keep to themselves. Professionally trained culinary experts and teachers, Joan and Irene launched Effie's Homemade to share the oatcake tradition with an eager public.

Today, they continue to explore new recipes and exciting flavor combinations, bringing the humble biscuit to unexpected heights. Whether on its own, or as a delicious pairing, Effie's Homemade honors a rich, farmhouse tradition and continues the spirit of sharing simple pleasures.

Effie's Homemade biscuits delicious on their own and they are a perfect companion for tea, coffee or a world of cheese.