Henri Hutin

Henri Hutin and his family began making artisanal cheese on their farm in the north of Meuse, France, in the early 1900s. After the war in 1922, Henri expanded the family business into a fromagerie and established himself across the region as a 'Master Cheesemaker.'

All their cheeses are made using premium milk from cows in the Lorraine Valley, in northeastern France, known for its agriculture and farmland, and as the region where Brie originated. Many of the same cheesemaking techniques are used today as they were almost 100 years ago.

Their Brie Couronne Double Creme and Belletoile Triple Creme hold on to that tradition of artisanal craftsmanship in order to bring you a flavor that is sophisticated yet as simple as its origins.

Henri Hutin's ingredients are simple: pasteurized cow's milk, cream, salt, cultures, ripening molds, and rennet. The milk that goes into Belletoile is non-GMO certified and comes from hormone-free cows, ensuring the highest quality product. Because the rind that protects the cheese while it ripens, Belletoile and Couronne can be enjoyed for weeks after opening as it softens and ages. Their secret recipe includes living cheese cultures, so you will notice different flavor profiles as the cheese matures, starting out fresh and mild but turning more creamy and aromatic in taste as the cheese continues to age.

From big celebrations to intimate tastings, Henri Hutin's imported Bries are always a delicious experience. It's the perfect complement to special occasions when you want to elevate the experience with indulgent food, and is a pure delight on its own every time you cut a slice. Perfect on any cheese platter with nuts and fruit, such as walnuts, grapes, or figs. Spread on crackers or artisanal bread, or even enjoy in sophisticated recipes.