Sweet Grass Dairy

Deep in Thomas County, Georgia, nestled in rolling pastures and a canopy of Georgia Pines, you'll find the home of some of America's finest handcrafted cheese – Sweet Grass Dairy. On their farm in Thomasville, barn-free cows graze on fresh grass year-round to produce uniquely creamy, flavorful milk. And that milk goes on to produce absolutely delicious cheese.

Can't make it to Thomasville? You can take a short-cut, enjoying the flavor of the bright South Georgia sunshine and grass with each bite of our cheeses.

At Sweet Grass Dairy, old world cheeses meet new world farming techniques. Since being founded in 2000, their mission has always been to keep things simple: If you take care of the grass, the grass takes care of the cows. Sweet Grass Dairy's cows move from pasture to pasture every 12 hours, using a rotational farming style. They live barn free, grazing on grass year-round due to the mild South Georgia winters. We also use fresh, cool water from the Floridan aquifer sprayed through a pivot system to irrigate the grass and cool the cows in the hot summers. The result is healthy cows producing an extremely high quality milk that gives our cheese its amazing flavor.

Sweet Grass Dairy produces a variety of aged, soft-ripened, and fresh cow's milk cheeses, all developed to showcase this quality. They are known for the award-winning, double cream Green Hill and semi-soft Thomasville Tomme cheeses and their Pimento spread, with a unique twist on a Southern classic, has also garnered a cult following.