Buf Buffalo Burrata Cheese

This cream-stuffed mozzarella, known as burrata, is made with water buffalo milk which is regarded as best for this type of cheese. With a similar flavor to cow's milk but much richer, this burrata di bufala is highly artisanal, indulgent, and delicious.

Note: Buffallo Burrata has a short shelf life, so please purchase this cheese close to the time you intend to enjoy it.

Lovers of mozzarella are slowly discovering burrata, a traditional cheese from Italy that's even richer and creamier than regular mozz. The outside is made from mozzarella, and then made into a little pouch that's stuffed with liquid cream and more cheese. This version is made in the Italian way, but comes from Colombia, where Buf creamery has their water buffalo ranch. There in Colombia, the lush climate allows these ancient animals to graze on grass 365 days per year, something unimaginable in many other cheese-producing regions. The richness of water buffalo milk is perfect for this type of cheese. Typically a ball of burrata is served whole over a bed of tomatoes, roasted beets, or even roasted fruit, and cut open with a knife and fork so it can coat its accompaniments. Start by using it to substitute mozzarella in your next caprese salad and go from there. Many enjoy it alone, eaten with a knife and fork, topped with olive oil, salt, pepper, and perhaps a splash of balsamic vinegar reduction.
More Information
Brand Name būf
Ingredients Pasteurized water buffalo milk, cream, lactic cultures, rennet, salt, lactic acid. Contains: MILK.
Milk Source Buffalo
Rennet Type Vegetable
Milk Treatment Pasteurized
Country Colombia
Dietary & Lifestyle Grass-Fed
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