Spring Brook Farm Reading Raclette Cheese

Reading is a semi-soft Raclette-style cheese with a washed rind. It has a creamy, nutty flavor, which is sometimes almost floral or grassy with a pleasing, long-lasting complexity.
Reading, first produced in May 2010, is named after the town in Vermont where the farm is located. It is a 3 month aged, semi-soft, washed rind cheese made from the raw Jersey cow milk from Spring Brook's partner dairies. Reading is a versatile cheese, ideally suited to melting but exhibits a subtle yet complex flavor profile that allows it stand alone on any cheese plate.
More Information
Brand Name Spring Brook
Ingredients Raw milk, rennet, culture, salt.
Milk Source Cow
Rennet Type Animal
Rind Type Washed
Milk Treatment Raw
Country United States
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