Chocolates and Candies

The best selection of gourmet chocolates and candies can be found here on! The finest sweets and treats from around the world, there's a sweet spot for everyone. 

  1. Belgian Chocolate Brownies
    Belgian Chocolate Brownies
    As low as $5.98
  2. Boulangerie 255 Brownie Waffles
    Brownie Waffles
    As low as $5.98
  3. ChocoHigos
    As low as $7.98 Regular Price $9.98
  4. Rustic Bakery Chocolate Cocao Nib Shortbread Cookies
    Chocolate Cacao Nib Shortbread Cookies
    As low as $6.98
  5. Effies Homemade Malted Cocoa Cakes W/Toasted Coconut
    Cocoa Biscuits
    As low as $6.98
  6. Dark Chocolate Brownies
    Dark Chocolate Brownies
    As low as $5.98
  7. Luxury Caramel Brownies
    Luxury Caramel Brownies
    As low as $5.98
  8. Mitica Orange Delights
    Orange Delights
    As low as $9.98
  9. Bella Maria Perlas De Chocolate
    Perlas de Chocolate
    As low as $6.98