Swiss Fondue Trip

When it comes to cheese fondue, the Swiss have it all figured out. It comes down to finding the right cheese combination with regard to meltability and flavor. The classic magic three fondue cheeses are Emmentaler, Gruyere, and Appenzeller.

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Swiss Fondue Trip
Swiss Fondue Trip

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    This fondue assortment will give you 1 pound of each:

    Emmentaler Cheese - a semi-firm cheese, easy to slice, with a pale yellow paste and those iconic holes.
    Gruyere Cheese - a cheese with a spicy, mature taste with tiny crystals, the fruity note, the fine aroma of roasted chestnuts or hazelnuts.
    Appenzeller Cheese - a firm alpine cheese with a light tan color and a slightly pungent rind; the cheese is washed with a secret blend of herbs, wine and salt which you'll recognize in the flavor.

    The word Fondue comes from the French word Fondre and it mean to melt or to blend. Cheese Fondue is rather simple to make and can hardly go wrong - the key is to melt the cheeses slowly and stir every now and then.

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