Singletons Double Gloucester Cheese

Double Gloucester is one of the oldest cheeses made in England. It has a smooth, buttery texture with a mellow, pleasant flavor of milk and cream.

Double Gloucester is an essential English cheese, and much beloved across Britain and beyond. The bright orange semi-soft cheese has been made in Gloucestershire since the 16th century and is an important part of English cheese tradition. This cheese was originally made with cheese from the milk of Gloucester cows, but they came near to extinction in 1972. Now Double Gloucester is now made from whole milk of many breeds of dairy cow. The 'double' in Double Gloucester hints at a typical farmer's day. Most cows need to be milked twice per day: once in the morning, and once in the evening. A Single Gloucester is made using only the morning's milk, and the wheel is half as thick, using half as much curds in production. The Double Gloucester is double as thick, as curds from the morning milking, and curds from the evening milking are added together to make a wheel that's double as thick. A natural coloring agent, annatto, is added to the cheese, to give it the trademark bright orange hue. Double Gloucester has a smooth, buttery texture with a mellow, pleasant flavor of milk and cream. Pair the Double Gloucester with a Zinfandel, Rioja or perhaps a Port Wine or a brown ale.
More Information
Brand Name Singletons
Ingredients Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, microbial rennet, starter culture, coloring annatto. Contains: MILK.
Milk Source Cow
Rennet Type Microbial
Rind Type N/A
Milk Treatment Pasteurized
Country United Kingdom
Dietary & Lifestyle Vegetarian
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