Fromager d'Affinois Excellence Cheese

From Fromage d'Affinois, a French creamery famous for creamy decadent cheeses. This mini triple-cream wheel, called "Excellence", proves that good things come in small packages. 

Excellence is a triple-cream brie, made in a mini wheel for the utmost convenience. A very buttery interior is enveloped in a soft rind with a mushroomy flavor.

Delicate cheeses like this should be enjoyed shortly after eating. This small wheel is perfect for using whole on a cheese board, serving for dessert, or a casual cheese break for two.

More Information
Brand Name Excellence Fromager D Affinois
Ingredients Cow's milk, cream, salt, cheese cultures, microbial enzymes. Contains: MILK.
Milk Source Cow
Cheese Form Wheel
Rennet Type Microbial
Rind Type Bloomy
Milk Treatment Pasteurized
Country France
Dietary & Lifestyle Vegetarian
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